IRMS, NMR research and service

INFAI offers the following products for pharmaceutical companies, clinics and physicians, with IRMS and NMR based applications being performed at INFAI’s laboratories in Bochum, Germany and York, UK.

Analysis of body fluids

INFAI has many years of experience in the spectroscopic analysis of body fluids, including blood, plasma, urine and cerebrospinal fluid.

Clinical trials

INFAI provides clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies in various gastrointestinal (Helicobacter Test INFAI, Gastromotal and Pancreo-Lip), metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

Metabo Test INFAI

This test offers a simple, standardized and inexpensive way to integrate NMR analysis of children’s urine into diagnostics and clinical tests.

Cardio Test INFAI

Lipoprotein analysis in serum for risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases. Here, subgroups of lipoproteins are evaluated by NMR spectroscopy.


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